life Why is it important to fast?

Why is it important to fast?

Fasting is life changing3

Fasting is not just about giving something up, it is about gaining wisdom, patience and understanding. Fasting is about discipline. We can chose to give something up in hopes that it grows our faith. It is important to keep in mind, the purpose for fasting. Do you want answers for a specific prayer? Are you seeking healing? Is there something that has control over your life that you want to be free from? Are you depressed? Do you need visions for your future? Are you confused about your relationship? Are you feeling incomplete? Do you want a better job? Whatever your reason for fasting, allow God to work within you during the fast to reveal His answers. 

One of the best ways to grow in faith is to fast. In Matthew chapter 4, we read about the fast Jesus did. Although, his fast is almost impossible for a human to do, this is a great example of the significance of fasting. God sent Jesus into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights without food or water. While in the wilderness, Satan tempted Jesus three times! This let’s us know that Jesus knows what it’s liked to be tempted in this world which is why he can relate to us and understand our struggles. Throughout his stay in the wilderness, Jesus remained strong, He survived off of God’s word alone and overcame Satan’s bribes. 

Fasting is not easy, but it is necessary. In order for our relationship with God to strengthen, we must fast. During the fast, it is important to be sober minded and pray. The prayers during a fast are special because it is the Spirit within us that leads these prayers. Since the flesh is not being feed, it becomes weak while the Spirit grows stronger. When we have high spirits we are able to think clearly and have new found understanding on our life and world around us. There is no right or wrong way to fast, or no certain length that must be done. God knows our hearts, and only He can judge the time, energy and effort we put into our fast.

 Types of Fasts

  • 24 hour fast with no water or food
  • No food/water until 6pm (or anytime of the day you feel most comfortable)
  • No sweets (or your favorite dessert)
  • No video games
  • 1 Week No television
  • 1 Month no social media
  • No Fast food/Junk food
  • Prayer fast (pray every hour on the hour)
  • Waking up before your alarm to sit in prayer before getting dressed
  • Fasting from negative people
  • Read a chapter a day in the bible for 40 days
  • No drinking/smoking for 30 day


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