Water into Wine

John 2:1

This was one of the first signs of which Jesus revealed his glory. Jesus was attending a wedding, when his mother informed him there was no more wine. His mother told the servants to do whatever Jesus asks of them. The first thing, the servants gathered buckets that carried  20-30 galloons of water. Jesus sent the servants to fill a total of 6 buckets with water. The servants brought the buckets and the master of the banquet drank from the bucket, however it had been turned into wine.

Jesus disciples witnessed this transformation, and believed in Jesus. Could you imagine, unlimited wine? lol Or having someone at a party change water into wine, that would definitely be a party trick! Jesus was capable of changing water into wine because he believed God could make it happen. God used Jesus to create miracles and teach others to have faith. Faith is all you need in life.


Thank You, for participating in this challenge and learning some the miracles of Jesus Christ. There are many many more miracles Jesus has created, so continue reading God’s word and learn about them. We have the spirit of Jesus within us, The Holy Spirit. We have to allow our Spirit to lead our daily steps and create our future. Seek God and the kingdom first and everything in your life will work itself out.  The chapters in the bible of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John discuss encounters with Jesus. The following are some bible verses that explain miracles Jesus created:

  • John 4:46-47
  • Mark 1:23-28
  • Mark 1:30-31
  • Mark 1:40-45
  • Matthew 8:5-13
  • Matthew 8:28-34
  • Luke 7:11-13
  • Luke 8:23 

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