Walk On Water

Matthew 14:22

This is one of Jesus’s most famous works, walking on water. Did you know that his disciple Peter, walked on water too? Could you imagine walking on water? or seeing another person walk on water? How cool would it be if we could just walk across the ocean, instead of sailing! Well, with enough faith ANYTHING is possible!

 Peter he saw the wind and let fear enter his mind which caused him to sink. Jesus grabbed Peter’s hand to help him up and said “You of little faith, why did you doubt?” When they both got back into the boat, everyone was in complete shock they started saying “truly you are the son of God.”

Jesus was able to walk on water because he knew that God was with him. He believed that God’s powers would allow him to stay afloat and keep him above the water. God can do immeasurable more than anything our minds could ever imagine! God does not live by our gravity, logic or any other human understanding. He is almighty! His thoughts are not our thoughts and his ways are not our ways. God can do things that we could not even dream of!

Do not let your fears, worries or anxieties hold you back from believing. Do you want to be more like Peter, who began to sink? or Like Jesus who walked with faith?

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