#Unplugged is a compelling documentary that explores life without, the distractions of social media. In an era where technology lives in our schools, homes and jobs, technology has become inescapable. Social media has become one of the biggest distractions in our lives. It is time we stop wasting time by scrolling and posting filling our minds with comparing thoughts; And we start focusing on praying and growing in faith. It’s time to get #Unplugged.

The world participates in meaningless ‘internet craze’ challenges every 24 hrs, it seems; But why not start a challenge that has the power to directly impact your life for the greater good. SmileWithFaith inspires to save souls by building relationships with God and steering away from the negative stigma of religion. This documentary depicts Ms. Zoeniete Vega’s life journey of seeking and discovery. She dedicated 12 weeks to focus on the one thing that matters the most in this world, a relationship with God. The distractions of the world pulled her from her purpose and the opinions of others became louder than God’s voice. She was ready for a change. This 12 week challenge, changed her life and she hopes it will changes yours.

-May God Bless You In Abundance-

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