The voice of God

Voice of God

I was talking to my friend Joshua last night, when he told me of his experience hearing God’s voice. He described His Voice as clear and sound. I was intrigued by this conversation because it reminded me that God can answer prayers in an audible way. Joshua continued his story by explaining the reaction he got from church members, that did not believe him. They told him that it is impossible to hear the voice of God, because they themselves have never heard God speak. They said he must be lying because there is no way God can speak to people in an audible way. Often, people deny what is true because they have not gone through the experience personally. Although, I have never heard the audible voice of God, I do believe with God anything is possible [Matthew 19:26].

Several months ago, I had a similar conversation with my friend Trittney, who explained to me her experience hearing God’s voice. She heard God’s voice similarly to the way Samuel did in the bible. While Samuel was sleeping, He heard a voice call out his name. Thinking it was Eli the priest, he went to Eli’s room and found that Eli never called him. At this point, God never revealed himself to Samuel, which is why Samuel was not aware of who the voice was coming from. So, Samuel went back to bed and heard his name called two more times. Eventually, Eli realized that the voice was coming from The Lord and told Samuel when he hears the voice again to respond and say “Speak, for your servant is listening” [1 Samuel 3:9]. God revealed to Samuel a powerful message and when Samuel shared it with the people, they knew he was a prophet. Samuel lived his life to serve the Lord and dedicate everyday to fulfilling what God called him to be.

God has many different ways of communicating with us and only He knows which is the best way to get through to us. God will use other people to deliver a message to us, which is why discernment is important. God will speak to us through His word which the Holy Spirit translates or speak to us through dreams and visions. God could even speak to us through horoscopes, comic books, sermons, poems or songs. There is no limit to how God can connect and speak with us. Whatever you chose to believe in, God will use to reveal himself. We should never think that it is impossible to hear God’s voice because With God all things are possible [Mark 10:27]. He knows the heart and what is best for us and He will reveal himself in a way that is perfect for the individual. Not everyone is able to hear the audible voice of God, but that’s okay because no matter what, God will always answer our prayers. God’s time, not ours.

If you have been praying and have not heard an answer, you will soon. Be open-minded to the many different ways God can communicate and pay attention to the signs. If you question whether or not “this came from God?”chances are, that it did. The mere thought of ‘was this God?’ is confirmation that it was God. Allow God to soften your heart, expand your imagination and work within you, to reveal the life-changing message he has for you. Pray for God to open your eyes and ears to recognize God’s voice. God wants you to be happy. He wants to fulfill your hearts’ desires and give you a life of hope and prosperity [Jeremiah 29:11]. However, He will only reveal himself to those that believe. If you are finding it difficult to submit yourself completely and truly trust in faith, than ask God to help you. He will soften your heart and work within your life to help grow your faith. A believer without faith is no believer at all. A plant does not grow without water, and God can not speak to those without faith.

The time is now, to stop following the blind and walking in darkness. It is time to start receiving visions and prophecies. Let God fill you with righteousness, grace and His strength. Allow God to lift all your worries, anxieties, depression and pain so that you no longer have to carry the burdens and pressures of this world. Today is the day to stop complaining, and start taking action, in Jesus name. Just like Samuel, God is calling out your name and waiting for you to answer. Now, Are you ready to listen to God?

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