war The Spirit Vs. The Flesh

The Spirit Vs. The Flesh

Before reading The bible, I read numerous self-help/spirituality books. I was fascinated by this spiritual realm I read of with angels, demons and spirits within us. During this time I was not a believer in God, but I did believe that I had a soul and Spirit within me. Learning about the Spirit vs. Fleshconscious and subconscious mind intrigued me to explore spirituality. I discovered that my soul controlled my mind and my spirit controlled my emotions. The book that lead me to understanding spirituality was “The 21 day consciousness cleanse” by Debbie Ford, great read! The more I read of spirituality the more I wanted to know. Ultimately, I found my way to the source of it all, God’s word, the bible.

The Flesh 

This term defines humans and their way of thinking. As humans, we posses the emotions of greed, lust, envy, hatred, and fear. According to the flesh, money is the root of all evil. The flesh creates thoughts that can leave us feeling down. By comparing our lives to others or wishing for certain things, our lives are lead by The Flesh. When we think of this world, people starving or dying, our government or even the media it is The Flesh we can thank. The flesh is filled with cravings and desires that will always lead to a path of destruction, devastation and chaos. The flesh seeks to disobey God, it wants to follow it’s own desires, no matter how severe the consequence. The flesh is controlled by Satan, The enemy. His plan is for us to procrastinate until our dying day, so that we may never have a chance to know our creator. He wants us to die without Christ so that we may live in eternal fire with him. The Flesh is wicked. 

The Spirit

This term defines the Holy Spirit and God’s way of thinking. The holy Spirit is a gift given from God to anyone who believes that Christ is the messiah. The Spirit only knows emotions from God such as love, peace, humility, happiness, fearlessness and righteousness. According to The Spirit, the love of money is the root of all evil. The Spirit creates Godly thoughts and helps us make good judgements. We are left feeling complete, satisfied and amazed when we lead our lives with The Spirit.  When we think of The Spirit, we have to think beyond this world because The Spirit is not of this world. The Spirit comes from God’s kingdom and is sent into this world to help keep us living in God’s will. The Spirit will always lead to the life God created for us. By following The Spirit in all life domains, we can live with complete understanding of our purpose and be kept safe under God’s grace. The Spirit is controlled by God. The spirit’s mission is to to make sure that when we die, we may live with God in his kingdom for eternity and live our daily lives in peace and love. The Spirit is Holy. 

We have the choice to decide which life we want to live. We can chose to follow the flesh and it’s desires, or we can follow The Spirit. It is simply, Good Vs. Evil. God knows the beginning and end, and He shares it with us by informing us of the path that leads to death. By knowing which path is meant to harm us and which one is meant for our goodness, than the choice is easy to make. It is not just about picking which path to follow, it is about living in it daily. Every day we have two options in life, we can either walk in The flesh or walk in The Spirit. Depending on our thoughts and actions it will decide which path we are on. The Spirit grows though prayer and reading God’s word daily. His word is food for our souls. 

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