The Power of Prayer

If you could imagine holding the universe in the palm of your hand, that would not come close to The power of prayer. Prayer is beyond this universe. Prayer creates miracles and can fulfill your wildest dreams. If we believe there is a spirit working for the good of our life, we can trust it’s power to change our life.

The feeling of prayer is soul quenching, mind renewing and peace filling. You must have Faith that God is listening. Many may pray, however many may never get an answer. Only God knows the heart, and if you pray half-hearty than God will answer with half his attention. Trying to fool the Lord will only lead to fooling yourself.

Today’s challenge is to read the following verses:

  1. Matthew 21:22
  2. Mark 11:24
  3. John 14:13
  4. Philippians 4:6
  5. Ephesians 6:18

If we take a moment to understand the power of prayer we can see how Prayer is life-changing. Understanding that we can speak things into existence, will allow us to speak from the heart during prayer. Today’s focus is on the power behind prayer and how real it is.

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