The Power of Devotion

Faithful Prayer

“All scripture is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teach us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work” – 2Timothy 3:16

If we do not apply the things we learn in our lives, than we will never grow. If we read a chapter in the book, and do not remember what we just read, than when we attempt to continue and read the next chapter we will be lost and confused. By completing each day of this challenge openly and faithfully, we can understand how important it is to pray. We can understand that we must acknowledge God’s existence and his amazing powers in order for prayer to have meaning. If we deny the existence of God he will not be able to work in your our lives. We must believe the words in the bible, and accept them as a message from God through those he created. If we want to see results, we must change the behaviors that have not brought us good results. Believing anything other than what is good for you, will result in your never ending search for the truth.

God is truth. Jesus is real. 

We can rest peacefully knowing that our sins are forgiven, and God’s grace is with us daily. We pray and know that God is listening, and will answer. We learn to trust God’s time and not ours. God is patient. We can dedicate our time for prayer with God because we know there is nothing more important than prayer. God wants us to talk to and acknowledge him,

Today’s challenge is to continue prayer for another 5 days. Ask God to guide your daily steps and give you the strength, courage, wisdom or confidence you need. Grow your communication with God, and get to know him. Your relationship with The Lord is the most significant relationship in your existence, make time for prayer. This challenge hopes to encourage you faithful prayer because it will establish a relationship with God and grow your faith. When judgement day comes, do you want God to say: ‘I tell you, I don’t know you or where you come from. Get away from me, all you who do evil” Luke 13:27. Trust that God is working in your life, and remain hopeful because we know he is a faithful God. The bad days happen to build character and prepare us for the next chapters in our lives. Better days will always come when God is in your heart.

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