The Harvest Season

You will always Harvest what you plant” -Galatians 6:7

harvestThe harvest season is the beginning of our dreams and visions. This is the time to plan, discover or figure out who we are, what we want to do in the future and how to accomplish our goals. The first step to growing a beautiful garden, starts with gathering the materials. We need gloves, shovels, soil and seeds in order to grow a garden. Without the proper tools we will not be able to grow a beautiful garden thus there will be no crops to harvest. If we are in this season, we must focus on gathering the necessary materials to complete our life’s work. A teacher must gather paper, pens and lesson plans in order to successfully teach, so we too must gather what we need to start our purpose. We must think of our future, and prepare by applying small steps that start today. In this season we should study, plan and gather all the information needed for the journey ahead. Whatever we plan, we must have all the materials readily handy before we began our mission.

Our dreams and visions will not unfold without all the necessary materials. If you are going through the Harvest season, starting from the bottom, embrace it! When I first started SmileWithFaith, I was extremely overwhelmed. I had no idea how to create a website, post or edit images. There were days that I spent crying and had thoughts of giving up. It is easy to feel frustrated during the Harvest Season, but we have to keep in mind, this is only the gathering phase of our life.  


The moment I decided I was not going to give up, I knew that I needed to  start gathering my materials. First, I did research on how to create a website and logos. Second, I asked my friends/family/co-workers on any suggestions or advice for content and ideas of what to post and what people would be interested in reading. Third, I saved up the money to purchase the domain name. Lastly, after months and months of editing and switching layout designs I finally found the perfect layout and was ready to publish SmileWithFaith for the world to see. Overtime, I learned what ‘widgets’ were and how to optimize layout space. I learned how to create a Facebook page, twitter account and even a YouTube channel. If I would have tried to skip, or not complete my Harvest Season than SmileWithFaith would not be up and running today.

Everyone that dreams big, has a starting point. Oprah and Tyler Perry all started their empire in the Harvest season. When we are aware that this point in our life is meant to gather up all the materials we need; We can look at life from a fresh, new and exciting perspective. Great things don’t happen over night, rather they take time. We must remain patient and hopeful throughout our Harvest season knowing that we are setting our foundation for the future. The Harvest season may take a few weeks, months or even years.

Trust that God’s timing is the best time all the time.

Speak This Prayer Aloud: Lord Father, thank-you for using this time in my life to prepare me for my future. Please give me clarity to learn the necessary tools needed to fulfill my divide destiny. Shower me with humility so that I may embrace every moment in the Harvesting Season. I know this moment in my life is part of your plan of hope and prosperity for my life. Please help my Spirit to lead the way so that I may be driven and dedicate to gather all of my necessary materials to complete what I have been called to do. Please reveal to me what I need to gather so that I may be fully equipped for the next season in my life. Thank-You for Jesus Christ, who is my Lord and Savior, for who suffered here on earth in order for me to have a chance to enter your heavenly kingdom. Please speak to me in new and exciting ways, so that my faith grows and our relationships reaches new levels.

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