lady Mother Arrested For Homeschooling! Is this real life?

Mother Arrested For Homeschooling! Is this real life?

My thoughts on this case…

The system sets us up to fail. This woman had her children taken from her and placed in the foster care system because faults on behalf of the Board of Education. The principal and staff did not do their job appropriately. They gave written consent of releasing her children approved for home schooling. The school did not even want to speak for the news. Why wouldn’t they want to defend themselves? CPS has not reason to get involved, there was no abuse reported. bruises identified or statements documented. Who called CPS? Imagine this situation from the children’s perspective. Where is mommy? Who are these people? Who is training these professionals allowing them to treat humans inhumane?

Testimonies like Khalif Browder, my cousin Ayan or friend Andre whom all have experiences in the prison system. Why did these professional not display identification when this mother asked? What if they were scammers or kidnappers? This Mother did the right thing. The mama lion always protects her baby cubs.

The system is thirsty for prisoners because the more people behind bars the more money in their pockets. Prisons are for profit. They make money for every bed that has a body. They lose business when population is low. Hence, why 1 in 3 black men are in jail. My friend has spent the last decade plus, in prison. He got arrested in 2008, a high school senior with a bright future and potential. He will be given his freedom by Sept, 2017. Although, the system failed him, God’s always in control.

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