The Blind Men See

Jesus was a healer. Whoever came to Jesus for help, received his help. He did not turn away from anyone in need, and provided support to people that were deemed inhuman. He did not label anyone because he knew that everyone was a child of God. He lead by example and wanted to teach others what he knew.

In Matthew 9:27, Jesus was approached by two blind men calling out to him. The two men followed him until Jesus turned and asked them “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” and they replied “Yes, Lord’. Jesus touched their eyes and said “According to your faith let it be done to you“, and they were no longer blind. They could see!! Jesus said according to their faith, and since they believed with all of their heart, God gave them their sight. We must believe with all of our hearts because if we believe with only half of our hearts we will receive half the blessings.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge what happened in this story.Could you imagine being blind and than regaining your sight!  WOW, a blessing indeed. The miracles Jesus displayed, sparked talk in the town because the blind men were so excited. Jesus told the men not to tell anyone of what just happened, but the men could not hold back.  They ran and told the town. The miracles he created for the blind men, he can create in your life. Jesus is alive and active and his spirit rests within those that believe. Only God can judge the heart, trust in Jesus and he will reveal truth.

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