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Speak Into Existence: Repeat After Me!

frame Speak Into Existence: Repeat After Me!

I have this frame on my wall and I thought I’d share it on SmileWithFaith. Before you leave the house or start the day, it is important that you speak good things into existence. A ‘speak into existence‘ frame is a great way to apply consistency and start to manifest positivity within your life. Whether you write notes on your mirror or messages on a dry erase board, it is great to have positive affirmations to read throughout the day. When you speak these words aloud you put it out into the universe. Each word is like a seed that gets planted and eventually you will see it grow. Do not let the enemy make you feel defeated or anything less than, you are a child of the most high!

If you fall, pick yourself back up! If you are discouraged, unmotivated or fearful, remember these are not feelings that come from God. It is Satan who plays on your emotions. You are strong and mighty in the name of Jesus! Speak good things into existence and put on your crown of Christ so that you can step out into this world courageous and fearless, the way God created you to be!

Everyday I speak these words and many other positive affirmations over my life. It is important that I remind myself who I am in Christ because it is easy to forget with the stresses and evil of this world.

Today, speak love, light and life over yourself. Remind yourself that you are from God and have overcome the things of this world because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world [1 John 4:4].

Comment your thoughts below. What are some words you’d like to declare over your life?

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