candle in the dark Religious People Vs. Believers

Religious People Vs. Believers

Religious people follow laws, rules and traditions that are man made. They are quick to pass judgment and shame those who oppose their beliefs. Their views on life are limited by fear and they alter the word of God to fit their arguments. They believe they are living in the Spirit yet they follow the desires of the flesh. Religious groups are like cults, seeking to conform and contain those who enter and shunning those who deviate from structure. They use God’s word out of context and can quote scripture but do not have the word in their hearts.

Believers follow the teachings of Jesus, whom came into the world not to condemn it by to save it. They understand that no one is perfect and no one is good. They do not focus on the specs in their friends’ eye rather they notice the log in their own eyes. They know that without love it is impossible to please God. They live with renewed minds and hearts by the grace of God. Believers want to share the word of God, not debate it. They walk by faith and not by sight leaning not on their own understanding by trusting The Lord every step of the way. They know what is done in the dark will always come to light and try their best to live as the light. They understand that they are no longer slaves to sin but also know that Satan is God of this world and temptation is real.

Religious people are love-less and unrealistic in their expectations set by non-anointed leaders. They gossip, spread lies and cover up their flaws in front of others. They seek the approval of man and neglect the truth about God. They focus on maintaining a holy image yet live an unrighteous lifestyle. They claim to be the light but live in darkness. They hide behind their clothing and outward appearance to separate themselves from wicked people yet their hearts hold evil intent. Religious people carve out statues and pray to idols believing God could be in the hands of their own work.  They think they are fulfilling God’s work but they are playing for Satan’s team.

Believers know they are standing on victory, for He who has overcome the World has set them free from the control of sin. They do not live with condemnation or judge others. Believers are not luke warm or confused in the Mighty God they serve and are careful to avoid the things of this world. They allow conviction to guide them and The Holy Spirit to speak through them. They know that faith has the power to move mountains and God always uses a willing vessel. Believers know they are not alone in this world for Christ lives within them. They are able to fight back against depression, worry, fear and doubt with the word of God because they are prepared for war.

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