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There are over 4,000 religions. Before accepting Christ, I was lost and confused. I attended several churches and participated in over 10 bible study groups from middle schoolers to retirees. I attended a Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal and Christian church. I have gone to temples and learned meditation from monks. I have read through the Bible, Quran and Spiritual books. I searched for God like I needed a reason to live.

Eventually, I was done listening to people’s views and wanted to learn for myself. I wanted to have a relationship with God, not a religion. I didn’t like the rules and manuscripts that came with each religion. I focused on God’s word and grew in faith. He worked in my life and renewed my mind. The moment I dedicated my life to finding God, my visions became clear. Seek and you shall find [Matthew 7:7].

I recommend purchasing Kirk Franklin‘s album titled, Losing My Religion *The third song off his album is my favorite* This album reflects the difference between religion and a relationship with God. We should not define ourselves with a religion and lose focus on the priority; A relationship with God.  Religion is man made. It is a set of principals, beliefs and values from individuals in a group.

God is not limited to a religion. He is far beyond anything we could imagine. I used to think religion and God were one in the same. I was completely wrong. God is bigger than religion. Whether catholic, christian, muslim or Buddhist; We are all children of God. The most high. We are all created equal. Despite our physical differences, we are all flesh and blood. Religions are like social groups. Different religions may believe in different Gods. I found it difficult to pick a religion because I first needed to pick a God.

There is One God. One creator of the universe. One supreme Being. No matter what His name is to you, He is the only. God has a different relationship with everyone. He understands our hearts and knows us before we were born. He knows us better than we know ourselves. God sees the beginning and knows the end. I put my faith into a higher power, because I can’t put my faith into a sinner. There are people that Thank themselves instead of thanking God. There is not one sin-less person on this earth. We are all on a journey and God is holding our hands, whether we acknowledge him or not.

Get to know God, not religion. 


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