Today is a day of celebration! You succeeded till the end, and have gained new understanding like never before. This is only the beginning of your life journey and the road to happiness awaits. Today we will give praise to those that have made an impact in our life and helped us along the way. Whether you want to thank your friend for helping you or honor your parents for raising you, today is the day to say thanks! Extend grace and gratitude to someone today: It’s as simple as saying “Thank-You.”

The challenge for today is to think of someone who is important in your life, and write them a letter. Let them know how they have helped you in life, and the reason you value their relationship. It does not have to a be a long essay, maybe even a few sentences, what ever is on your heart write it down. Once you are finished with your letter, hand or mail it to the person you wrote about. Kind words will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Day 6


Sometimes we are focused with school, jobs or the people around us, and we may forget about ourselves. We get caught up with daily routine and may forget to treat ourselves every once in a while. When we don’t allow ourselves time for self-care it may lead to burn out, sickness or weakness. Just as our bodies need to sleep, our minds need to be at peace. What makes you happy? Do you have any hobbies? Do you enjoy being outdoors or at home? Do you like to read or write poetry? Today’s challenge is to allow yourself a moment of self-care, it can be 30 minutes or an entire day.

 Your happiness is all that matters in this world! Today, make time for your self and enjoy your accomplishments, don’t allow anyone to bring down your confidence. Live for YOUR happiness.

Day Five

Day 5 And ALIVE ! 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and hold it for 3 seconds. Now, Take a moment to look around and see what your reality is. Pay attention to trees blowing in the wind, the lady walking her dog or the crowd of strangers getting off of a train. Whatever your scenery is, pay attention to the details. Acknowledge that you are alive and well and be aware of this moment. Todays, challenge is to appreciate life. We sometimes forget that despite our current situation, at least we are well and ALIVE! 

Create a mantra for the day. A mantra is a quote, or inspirational message we repeat throughout the day to remind of us something hopeful. Examples would be “I am a wonderful person inside and out” or “I am happy to be Alive and will make the best of today”. Discipline is needed in this challenge. Repeat this mantra hourly. If you miss one hour, than simply repeat it double the next hour. You are ALIVE and have so much to be grateful for!

Day Four

Offensive Play

During a sports game the team can not score a point until they get the ball. Once a team has the ball, they now become the offensive players. Life is an offensive play and you should want to win the game! Today, allow your self to think Offensively, get the ball and score a goal!

The challenge today is to think about 3 things that your heart desires. Allow your imagination to take you to a realm you have never been. There is no limit to what you can have! So think BIG!

Now that you have 3 things you desire, search it on the internet (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…) Read articles, search definitions or just browse through the images. By doing this activity, you are allowing* your heart to open. You are lifting your heart from defense and bringing it to the offense side. There is nothing that is to difficult for God to achieve, so be joyful as your search because with Faith, your dreams can come true! Feel free to expand past just 3 things, if you desire more than search it all. There is no dream to big for God to accomplish.

Day Three

Listening Vs. Hearing

  • Do you speak to prove your point ?
  • Do you need to get the last word in arguments?
  • Do you tune others out during conversations?
  • Do you find yourself agreeing to things you are not sure of?

There is a difference between listening and hearing. When we LISTEN we are able to respond but do not store the information in our brain. Basically, you LISTEN in one ear, and  it goes out the other. When we HEAR, we are focused on what is being said and can respond with complete understanding. Today, allow yourself to HEAR those around you. Be conscious of what people are saying and how they are feeling.

Th challenge for today is to reflect. At the end of the day, reflect on your day. Think about your high’s and low’s for the day. What made you smile or laugh? Did something happen that made you feel good inside? If you can not think of anything good, at least.. HEY! at least you are alive and breathing and know there is purpose in life! Than, think about your low’s or pitfalls of the day. What brought negativity into your world? Brainstorm on this for a moment.

Focus on the good of your day, and your day will end good. 

Be Quick to Listen;Slow to speak and Slow to become angry – James 1:19

Day Two

The Gift of Grace

Grace is simply anything in God’s favor. We are extended grace because the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. God gives us just enough grace to get through each day. Today, we will allow* ourselves to enjoy the gift of grace. Write down a list of things that have gone wrong in your life up until now. Take a moment to dig deep. It’s time to clean out your closet.

After your list is complete, tear it in pieces. Burn it. Do whatever you can to destroy it and never let those ideas entire your mind again. Because of Grace we do not need to let anything hold us back and take up space in our mind. It is time to acknowledge the gift God has given us.

Day one

Speak into Existence

When we speak things into existence, we are creating an attitude in which our words shape our destiny. Today’s challenge is to speak in the positive. This means that even in the worse of times, you must only SPEAK the good. No complaining. No Gossiping. No worrying. No stressing. No matter what obstacles you are faced with today, allow* yourself to think with gratitude.

If you feel negativity creeping in, list 5 things you are grateful for. It could be the weather, your clothes or even having your favorite item. Anything that you can appreciate! The words “can’t” “won’t” or “shouldn’t” should not be spoken. Don’t limit your self by framing your thoughts in the negative. Instead, speak words such as “Can”, “Will” or “Am.”

“Without forgiveness, Bitterness is all that is left” – Proverbs 15:9
“Be Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak and Slow to become angry” -James 1:9
“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” Romans 12:21
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