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\”The more I pray, the more I learn and the more I write\”

This section is a collections of writings, thoughts and beliefs. The purpose of these writings are to teach, inspire and encourage others through personal experiences and ideas. If you are a new believer looking to grow in faith and build your connection with God, this is the place for you. If you have known God your entire life and just need some friendly reminders, this is the place for you. No matter what religion, race or gender you are, this is the place for you. We are all God\’s children. Let us stand strong in our faith because victory is ours!

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  1. This Thing Called \’Life\’ 
  2. What Doesn\’t Kill You Cannot Stop You
  3. Happy Independence Day 
  4. You Can\’t Pull Someone Up if You Are Drowning
  5. There is Purpose in The Pain 
  6. Morning Prayer #4: Happy Monday 

  7. Claim Your Victory And Quiet Your Fears!
  8. How To Find Answers To Difficult Decisions 
  9. Happy Father\’s Day 
  10. Learning Faith pt.3: 5 Ways To Block Your Blessings 
  11. Learning Faith pt.2: Grow Your Faith 
  12. Learning Faith pt.1: How To Start Faith
  13. Be Humble. . . Sit Down! 
  14. Religious People Vs. Believers
  15. Stressed To Blessed: 30 Day Challenge
  16. Guys Are Wearing Rompers Now… You Can\’t Be Serious?
  17. A Random Act of Kindness Day 
  18. When Faith Separates Friends
  19. Friends That Pray Together Stay Together
  20. Everything Happens For a Reason
  21. Congratulations Class of 17\’
  22. Morning Prayer #3: Peace And Prosperity 
  23. There is a Thin Line Between Confidence and Arrogance
  24. Dear Mama (Happy Mother\’s Day)
  25. If I Ruled The World. . . . Imagine That?
  26. Speak Into Existence: Repeat After Me!
  27. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility 
  28. You Are What You Post
  29. Conviction is Contagious
  30. Abnormal is The New \’Normal\’
  31. Pray For Those Who Prey On you 
  32. Morning Prayer #2
  33. Protect Your Peace 
  34. Bad Company Ruins Good Morals 
  35. Freedom is a State of Mind
  36. What is The Meaning of Easter?
  37. Tomorrow is Not Promised So, Make Each Day Count!
  38. SmileWithFaith\’s YouTube Channel Launch
  39. What Does it Mean To Be A Christian?
  40. The Enemy Plays On Our Emotions
  41. The U.S Strikes Syria With 59 Missiles!
  42. I Have A Confession To Make
  43. Faith Gets God\’s Attention
  44. Mother Arrested For Homeschooling children! is this real life?
  45. Keep Your Mind Locked 
  46. Work Towards Holiness 
  47. Consistency Brings Breakthrough
  48. Experience Is The Best Teacher 
  49. I Chose To Be Happy
  50. 1:25 #BirthdayChallenge (Believer Submitted)
  51. History Repeats Itself
  52. Live Without Fear by Learning Your Power Within
  53. How Can Good Really Mean Bad?
  54. A Morning Prayer: Start your dar off right
  55. People talk about the old you because their still the old them 
  56. We don\’t battle people; We battle mindsets!
  57. Love is in the air
  58. Would you sell your soul to the devil?
  59. Donald trump is President and the end is near!
  60. A Day of Remembrance: MLK Jr.
  61. Running on Holy
  62. 12:12 #BirthdayChallenge
  63. Are these clown sightings for real?
  64. Amber Rose\’s SlutWalk Movement 
  65. Is this really cute, Kendall Jenner?
  66. Be The Light
  67. Is Smoking a Bad Thing?
  68. Losing Love Helped Me Find Love 
  69. What is your Spiritual Gifts?
  70. 21 Benefits to Living in God\’s will 
  71. 8 Tips to handle \’Worrisome Thoughts\’ 
  72. Alicia Keys New Movement
  73. That time Jesus was tempted
  74. Faith and Endurance
  75. Dear Diary, #1 
  76. Is there a sin to big to be forgiven?
  77. Knowledge Vs. Wisdom
  78. The Comfort Zone
  79. 5 Reasons to Pray for Terrorist
  80. Why is it important to fast?
  81. 7 Reasons to Fast
  82. Rotten apples
  83. 5 Reasons to Tip
  84. 13 Years
  85. 3/4/16
  86. Divine Hands 
  87. 6 Tips to Cope With Stress 
  88. Religion
  89. How to Pray 
  90. The Spirit Vs. The Flesh 
  91. Marriage
  92. Confidence Vs. Godfidence
  93. The voice of God


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