succes Position Your Self For Success

Position Your Self For Success

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.

There is power in position. God has given you the ability of free will. He wants you to make choices for your life that will align with His Will.  You must position yourself for success. If you have been praying for a promotion at work but have been arriving late, calling out or slacking on assignments, how can you expect for a promotion to happen? You did not position yourself to receive it.

God is able to create miracles and can bring answers to any of our prayers in a second, but why would he if you are not doing what is necessary. God knows what you can handle and He will never bring you more than you can bare. If you are praying for the next big break and have always dreamed of becoming a successful actor, but haven’t taken acting classes, auditioned for casting calls or taken head shots, how do you think God will open the door when you are not prepared!

In Matthew 7:7, God tells us ‘Ask and you shall receive’ this also comes with the notion that you must first believe than  . . . position yourself for greatness as if God has already given you what you desired. A friend of mine had a dream to be a music producer in the industry and work with top selling artist. Yet, he lived in Sugar Land, TX and was the only person in his circle of friends that wanted to be in the music world. He found it difficult to express his passion to people who did not relate. He prayed for years that God would lead him to his dream career but nothing happened. One day he had a revelation. He realized he would never make it in his career unless he positioned himself for success.

He moved to Miami, F.L and started hanging around like minded people. He eventually landed a role as an intern for one of the biggest  music studios in Miami. Although, he did not enjoy going on food runs, cleaning and doing ‘intern’ assignments, he was grateful for the opportunity. In his heart he knew, he was positioning himself for God to work. It was only a matter of time. Most important, he trusted in God’s timing. A few months of interning and he eventually landed a spot as a music engineer. This soon turned into his dream career of being a music producer and working with artists like Fat Joe, Cardi B and Katy Perry. If he did not take a leap of faith and move to a new city, he would not have been in the right position.

Today, think about your prayers and what you have been asking God. Think about the position you are in and the people that surround you. Is there anything you can do to be better prepared? Are you in position for success? Have you put in the time, effort and hard work? Is there more that you can do to position yourself? Do you need more faith? Do you need more clarity? Do you even believe?

Take time to let these questions marinate in your heart and pray for God to bring revelation to you. Pray for guidance and clarity in the position you need to be and trust in God’s timing to manifest answered prayers. God works for the greater good to those who love him. Ask in belief and be prepared to receive. There is power in position.

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