Types of Love

loveWhat does Love mean to you?

The word Love has developed into many definitions based on the individuals perception due to their culture, race or experience. However, the components of Love remain the same. Compassion, Consideration, Patience, and Discipline sum up the foundation of what Love is.

This challenge will explore the different types of Love and the effects it has on us as individuals. When we uncover the true definition of Love, and understand the different forms of Love we are able to apply it to every area in our lives. But, in order to apply Love to our lives we must be able to understand the concepts and different variety’s of LoveLove is vital to the survival of mankind, and without Love the world is hopeless. 

 Love is what fills our souls and brings joy to our hearts. When we allow our actions and thoughts to respond with only Love, the outcome will always be great. We must always keep in mind to allow our thoughts, emotions and actions to lead with Love. When Love is not in existence we allow room for negativity to enter, so we must always acknowledge the presence of Love.

So, how can we learn to always* respond with Love? By learning the different types of Love. This 5 day challenge will dig deep into the many different types of Love, and explore ways to Love more thus creating a life of internal happiness and peace.