The Seasons of Life

seasonsThis Four day plan is dedicated to learning the different seasons we experience throughout life. Explore the four different seasons of life, with this new and exciting plan, that will lead to self-actualization, understanding and growth in faith. Everyday will end with a specific prayer, to be read aloud. Learn what season you are currently in, which season you are entering into next or which season you have exited out of. The Harvesting Season explains the gathering process to set the foundation for our future. The planting season shows us how to plant good seeds within our lives so that we may grow a wonderful and bountiful garden of righteousness. The Watering Season teaches us how to become spiritually mature through prayer and God’s word. Lastly, The Flourishing Season expresses gratitude and thankfulness for the prayers God has answered and the work He has done in our life.

Day One; 5/16/2016Harvesting

Day Two: 5/17/2016Planting

Day Three: 5/18/2016Watering

Day Four: 5/19/2016flourishing season

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