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What do I pray for now?

I felt disconnected and I was not praying as much as I used too. I had been so caught up with my new job, and making sure everything in my new apartment was right, that I stopped praying. I became too busy to pray. Life can get complicated when we focus on several things. I knew I had to bring myself back right with The Lord. When I focus on God I experience a peace of mind and happiness from within.  But, it is hard to remain focused on The Lord when there is so much going on in life.

One morning, I woke up feeling the urge to pray. I felt  the pressure of tugging on my heart, God wanted to tell me something, and I needed to listen. I got out of bed, grabbed my bible and headed to living room. I realized that I had did not want to pray because I did not know what to say. Everything that I wanted, I already had. I found a good job, a place to live and my relationship was amazing.

I began my prayer by being honest with God and admitting that I had stopped praying simply because I didn’t know what else to ask for. That is when God revealed to me, that praying is not just about asking for something it’s simply about building a relationship and conversing with The Lord. I also realized that I don’t always need to pray for myself, but instead I could pray for others and ask God to work in their lives. I thought, “WOW! this whole time I stopped praying simply because I didn’t know what to say, when there are people in the world that need prayers” I needed to pray for others just like I would pray for myself. I decided to pray and ask God to work in my mom’s life.

The day before, my mother had called me feeling depressed. She was unhappy with work and was feeling pressured to meet her job quota. During my prayer, I asked God to lift my mother’s spirits up today and for her to have a good day at work. I didn’t want my mother to feel stressed at work, and wanted God to take some of the pressure off of her shoulders. I prayed for a positive attitude and for her to feel happy at work.

Later that day, my mother called me and instantly when I picked up the phone I could hear her excitement. She explained how she dialed a wrong number for a customer, and ended up being the 15th caller for KLFA 98 hits radio station (http://klfa98hits.com/). The disk jockey answered and told her she won a free trip to the Bahamas for two. She thought it was fake, until she went online and printed out her tickets. She called the cruise line, and it was official! She also closed a 22 line deal, which surpassed her monthly quota and received 4 days off with pay because she passed her goal. She began telling me how today has been the best day ever and she was excited because she never won anything before, and it was by mistake she made the call to begin with!

I could not believe this was the same person I spoke to just yesterday! I was happy for her and everything she was telling me. Than, I remembered my prayers from earlier in the morning. WOW! God was listening and he answered. From waking me with the urge to speak to him, to him answering my prayers and giving my mom the best day ever! God is truly amazing!

My message to people is: If you ever feel like you don’t know what to pray about, pray for others! Don’t feel like you need a format for praying, or you need to ask for something to pray. Prayer is our way of having a conversation with God, we talk and he listens. But we must also be ready to listen when he talks. If I did not listen to the voice that told me to go pray, I would not have prayed for my mother, and I would of never have known is she would of had the same day? (James 5:16) When the little voice within your head speaks, pay attention and follow the Spirit.

– Dean Kennel, Eustis F.L

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