Terms and Defintions

I have put together these vocabulary definitions to help navigate with understanding. Each definition is written in the Spirit and in Truth. If you would like a term to be defined and seen on this page Please email iSmileWithFaith@gmail.com. God Bless ❤

  1. God – The state of constant peace, happiness and soul fulfilling. Unconditional love and forgiveness for eternity. A feeling of wholeness and self-actualization. The mindset of righteousness and wanting to do good for all people. The creator of the heavens and earth and all of mankind.
  2. Jesus Christ – The one and only son of God. The Ultimate Sacrifice. He was created to die for the sins of the world. The wages of sin equals death. Jesus walked the earth 2,015 years ago and lived his entire life sinless. He performed miracles through the grace of God and healed many. He taught people how to grow faith, love more and not to judge others. Jesus is our key into heaven, through him we are able to have a relationship with God. Jesus is salvation for all who believe.
  3. Testimony – A personal life story. This could be anything from how you first became a believer to a prayer that God has answered. The idea of a testimony is to acknowledges God’s work and encourage others to have faith.
  4. The enemy – The opposite of Good. The enemy can also be referred to as Satan, Lucifer or the devil. His job is to make sure that we do not live the will of God or accept Christ. He wants to keep us unhappy, fearful and unmotivated. However, his power does not come close to what God is capable of doing. Even the enemy fears God! 
  5. Sin – Anything that is not of God. All things that are evil and is not good for us.
  6. The bible – God’s word written from God’s chosen people. The old testament (moses, Abraham, Adam/Eve etc,,) was written before Jesus existed. The New testament is written after the life of Jesus Christ, and is still being written today.
  7. SmileWithFaith – The idea of maintaining faith in God while going through dark times. We can Smile through the worse because we believe that God will pull us through. We go through challenges to help us grow and build character so God can take us to the next level in our lives.
  8. Faith – The power to move mountains. Believing in something you can not hear or see. Trusting in God’s work without a doubt. We know that God makes no mistakes, so we can always keep our faith in him, because only he has the power to change our lives.
  9. Mustard Seed – Very very little faith that is compared to an actual mustard seed. This represents that all you need is a little faith in order for God to work in your life. This is the beginning of growing in faith.
  10. Worthy – The opportunity bestowed upon you with a higher spirit.
  11. Spirit – Consciences and judgement decisions. The voice inside our heads. If we are reading this in our minds, right now. . . that is the voice. These emotions carry the actions of flesh out and must be refreshed with God’s word.
  12. Satan – A fallin angel. He once lived in heaven with the rest of the angels until he disobeyed God and chose evil instead of Good. He can be powerful to the weak, but the strong know his weaknesses. Satan can appear in human form, so we have to be careful who we take advice from and surround ourselves around. He plays on our emotions and feeds the flesh. He offers temporary happiness. God offers infinite happiness. He is no match for God.
  13. Energy – The variations of inner connection flowing through your spirit whether positively or negatively. Energy can be transformed through encounters with others, and we must always make sure we are sending good energy and leading with the Spirit of Christ.
  14. Flesh – Human body. When referring to ‘the flesh’ we can think of human desires such as lust, temptation, envy, jealousy or greed. The flesh desires sin by nature. The things that the flesh wants may seem like a quick fix for the moment, but will never bring peace or happiness in the long run. We must seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  15. Holy Spirit – The good spirit within us. This is a gift sent from God to the world. The holy Spirit will help us fulfill our purpose, and teach us to live the way God wants us.
  16. Folly – When we lack common sense and have little understanding. Actions, thoughts and ideas are foolish.
  17. Salvation – the act of saving: Jesus is our salvation because he saved us from the sins of the world. He was able to sacrifice himself because he lived a sinless life. Those that accept Jesus as Savior, also accept that Jesus died for their sins. Since, Jesus died for your sins, on judgement day God will see His Son in you.
  18. Grace – is favor from God. Grace provides Us with strength, love and courage to overcome.
  19. Disciple/ Apostle – A follower of Jesus Christ. An anointed person called by God to preach the Good news. Check out the 12 days of disciples plan, to learn more about each disciple of Christ.
  20. Religion – A person’s belief system. Man made. There are many different types of religions, but we must not get caught up with the differences, but rather focus on the similarities. Only God can judge the heart, we can identify ourselves as any religion we would like to believe in. However, we must know there is only one God and we need to live according to His word.
  21. Spirituality – belief in Spirits and a spiritual realm. Angels Vs. Demons. Focuses on energy, vibes and auras.

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Welcome, this is a Faith based website that’s mission is to restore hope, learn life skills, promote positive thinking, share the good news of the gospel and read testimonies from around the world. This online ministry is the foundation to answering all your questions, concerns and worries about life, relationships, spirituality and any of life's problems. Through posts written in The Spirit, Videos and Weekly Plans SmileWithFaith hopes to grow relationships with God through Christ and provide the necessary tools to living a happy, healthy and gratifying life. God is the Author. I am his messenger. Thank-you for visiting, and my prayers are with you always. Even through the struggle, always SmileWithFaith because God has a plan for you.

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