Prayer Requests

“The more people praying, the louder the echo.” 


Prayer request are prayers we want answered. This is the place to drop a prayer request for a specific event, situation, family member or personal trait. As humans, we are limited in our abilities to change the world around us because it is impossible to control the actions of others. But, God has no limits, with Him anything is possible. He has the power to work within our heart, mind and soul and those we pray for. The power of prayer can change the world.

When two or more people gather in a room, God listens. I may only be one person but sometimes, that’s all it takes to create change and opportunity. By submitting your request, I will be praying also for this particular prayer in hopes God reveals His answers sooner than later. In a stadium the size of Madison Square Garden, it would be impossible to hear a person on stage from the last row to the ceiling. The same goes for God. We are one voice in a crowd and God wants to hear us. We must make effort to pray constantly and walk by faith daily. 

God’s time is the right time all the time.

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