Less Stress More Faith

A peaceful mind in a NOT so peaceful time

                                    “There is no peace,” says my God, “for the wicked.” Isaiah 57:21                                                            “When terror comes, they will seek peace in vain.” Ezekiel 7:25                                              “And the way of peace they do not know.”Romans 3:17
Through downfalls, hardships and life experiences we can learn what peace looks like for us. Peace can be defined as a state of freedom, tranquility or relaxation. It is what puts us in a calm manner, provides positive thoughts and puts us in a happy place.less-stress
The mind is a powerful thing, and whatever our thoughts are is what our reality becomes. We are in control of our own thoughts. The environment shapes how we see the world, but ultimately we have free will to decide what we want to think and what thoughts we chose to focus on. Just like we can chose to listen to a certain type of music, or watch a T.V Show, we can chose to think positively or negativity. Remember, We are in this world but we are not of this world [Romans 12:2]. We will continue thinking worldly ideas, until we decide to focus our thoughts on God’s will, love and Grace.
Learning how to be peaceful while in a difficult situation, is a process. Learning peace requires patience. To find peace in chaos we must first learn to renew our minds. A renewed mind focuses only on the Good, and positive outcomes. The good leads to peace and happiness.  The doubt, fear, anxiety or worry within our minds creates stress. The bad leads to disaster. Our thoughts, attitudes and moods will create our feelings, emotions and responses in situations.
“I have the biggest presentation of my life, and i am running late! My baby is screaming in the backseat. My phone is ringing non-stop and I just spilled coffee on my pants. Now, I am stuck in traffic and will never make it to my presentation!” 
Now, this is what it looks like not being in a peaceful place. Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and rushed are ingredients for negative thoughts to brew up!
. If you remember that your thoughts control your emotions, some things can change. Instead, Focus More on Faith and less on Stress. When you do this, it may look like the following:
• 1) Call your co-worker, and ask to stall the presentation for an extra 15 minutes.
• 2) Give your baby the pacifier that fell to stop the crying.
• 3) Take a deep breath, hold for 10 seconds and breathe out. You just remembered you have an extra pair of pants in the trunk.
• 4) Turn your cell phone on silent, until you reached your destination.  (#ITCANWAIT)
• 5) Since you have to sit in traffic anyways, why not turn to your favorite music station, use this as prayer time or study for your big presentation.

By understanding that peace stems from our thoughts. We must remember to THINK positive thoughts in hectic situations. If we are able to simply think positive, than it does not matter how chaotic the scenery is, we will feel at peace.

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and invert way. The lord be with you all” -2 Thessalonians 3

This challenge will be a 3 day challenge that will focus on helping the mind become a place where peace dwells no matter what the surroundings are like. How can we keep calm under pressure? How can we allow ourselves to smile in a time of tragedy? How can we think positive, if we don’t feel positive? These questions are a few questions this challenge will be targeting…
Learn to Stress Less and Have More faith.

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