Jesus is the Season

When you are feeling sad and blue
Mind filled with fog and gloom.
The Rain Cloud follows.
Everyday filled with sorrow.

When you are feeling mad and red.
Hurt words get said and time feels dead.
The thrill is real the tension builds; Can’t express how you feel.
Emotion is holding, pride never folding.

When we are happy and yellow.
We can smile in trouble
because we know that we will get double
If we believe and remain mellow

When we are loving and pink
We react before we think
Because love draws us near
Emotions lack fear when love is here.

This poem explains that Jesus is always with us no matter what we go through. He helps us to grow through our problems, and helps us focus on righteous things. He taught miracles of God and encouraged everyone to have faith. Jesus is with us on our bad days and good days, he’s with us everyday! His spirit lives within those that believe. Enjoy this 7 day challenge learning about the miracles Jesus created and how he inspired others. 

Be sure to watch SmileWithFaith: Learning Jesus in the ‘Videos tab’ 

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