Good-Bye Self Defeating Thoughts!

Your relationship with God begins when you stop making excuses and start believing.

Self-defeating thoughts are harmful to our soul. They tell us we have something to prove, force us to do things we don’t like and can make us push our personal feelings aside to please others. These thoughts weaken our spiritual strength and will bridge a gap between us and God. When we entertain self-defeating thoughts, Satan gets excited. He floods us with doubt, anxiety, worry, stress and anything else that will distract us from reaching our fullest potential. Satan feeds off of our emotions and His goal in life is to keep us from growing in faith. By the power given to us from the Creator of the heavens and earth, we are able to resist the devil’s temptations. Let’s start by resisting negative thoughts and thinking positive by focusing on God’s will.

Start this plan, Monday March 14, 2016 and learn how to overcome comparing, procrastination, laziness and pressure. If you are ready to follow God’s will and trust in His judgment, join this challenge. This 4 day plan is targeted to bring awareness to self-defeating thoughts while explaining counter thoughts and God’s view.


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