I was speaking with my friend a few days ago. She was hurt and felt betrayed because her sister cancelled on her last minute to go on a date with her boyfriend instead of meeting her for lunch. During our conversation, I encouraged her to forgive her sister and try to make amends. She responded and said “I can’t. I am not as forgiving as you are.” Wow, that took me by surprise because I never thought of myself as a forgiving person. I replayed her words in my head for hours. Am I a forgiving person? How do I find it easy to forgive? Why do others find it difficult to forgive? . . .

Our conversation sparked an interest within me, which lead to this Forgiveness plan. If my friend would have spoken to me a year ago, my advice would of been different . . . something along the lines of “Your sister is messed up and that is completely unforgivable!” but because I have been reborn again in Christ, my views on forgiveness have shifted. Often times, our emotions are impacted in such a negative way that we find it difficult to forgive others. Forgiving someone after they have hurt us is a difficult thing to do, because naturally we want to respond with anger and make them feel how we feel. But, we have to remember the bigger picture. We forgive people not because we want to, but because God says so

After praying and coming to God with my questions and concerns, I realized that I have learned to forgive because Christ has forgiven me. Despite all of our sins, wrong-doing and dishonesty Jesus still died on the cross to carry our burdens and because we are forgiven we are able to enter heaven and live in eternal peace! Simply put, I have found it easier to forgive others because Christ has forgiven me. Could you imagine if Jesus never died for our sins, and we were not forgiven? We would not make it into God’s kingdom. How awful would that be!

The Forgiveness plan will share insight into Jesus’s teachings, and how he encouraged people to forgive. You will learn how important it is to forgive others for your own physical and mental well being. You will also learn how to release the tension that emotions build when confrontation occurs and how to let Go and let God. By learning to forgive, you will live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Join the challenge and check it out for yourself. Make sure to tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend!!

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2 thoughts on “Forgiveness

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