pray Mornings Are Better When You Start Them With God

Mornings Are Better When You Start Them With God

How far can a car go with an empty gas tank? not very far I imagine. 

How can you get to your destination without directions? You can’t, you’ll be lost.

It’s important to begin each day with God because it sets the tone for the day. Starting the day with a heart of gratitude and peace of mind makes a big difference in the entire day. I found that on the days I did not start with God, I would be more irritable, bothered, annoyed, frustrated or hopeless.  This makes sense! Since my guards were down, the enemy was able to work and move things in my life for his enjoyment. He would send distractions my way because he knew that the word of God was not on my mind.

The word of God is food for the soul. You must  fuel in your soul and prepare to take on each day by spending time with God. In order for you to know where you are going you must have direction. Beginning each day with God allows Him to work in your mind to bring clarity and guidance throughout your day. His word is a seed that gets planted in your heart and will fight off any ungodly or self-defeating thoughts that may try to enter your mind. Today, spend time with God in prayer and see how the rest of your day unfolds!

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