pexels photo 3651632 MORNING PRAYER: I NEED YOU LORD!


Heavenly Father,

I need you. I feel lost in this world, unsure of which direction to take. Please help me to remove my wants so that I can be filled with YOUR desires. Waking up in the morning feelings bleak. I’ve been living life focused on the clock and trying to achieve goals. Yet, no matter what I do it seems that my cup is always empty.

Please fill my cup and pour YOUR unconditional love, grace and mercy onto me. I’ve been pouring into people from an empty cup and I have reached burn-out. The way I have been living is not how you intended and I need a total reset. Fatigue and weariness consume my mind and keep me distracted from keeping a heavenly perspective.

As the days go by, help me to embrace change. Remind me that each day is a blessing from you. Life is precious and I need to see YOUR power in my life. Please remind me who I am and what you created me for. My desire is to live according to your perfect will rather than strive to meet the will I create through my flesh and worldly experiences.

At times, I find it hard to trust myself. My heart can mislead me and my mind works against me. Please remove any thoughts that are not of YOU and help me to be disciplined with my thoughts, time and energy. I surrender my plans and trust that YOU will guide me throughout my days. I repent for my sins and thank-you to infinity for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that brought me closer to YOU.

In Jesus name,


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