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Living in routine can start to feel tedious. When we experience life in a mundane cycle of events we start to experience boredom. One who lives a predictable life will lack excitement and adventure. The days can feel dull and it can be difficult to find motivation. This feeling of complacency can lead to depression. As the days go by energy gets lower and lower. You may look forward to the weekends but when Monday comes back, the thought of the days to come are dreadful.

The truth is that life does not have to be this way. Routine is a great thing and helps build discipline and structure which leads to success. In fact, without consistency there will be no success. The mind can play tricks on us and create feelings of boredom, fatigue or worse! We start to compare ourselves to others. We begin to covet. Life can be unfair and watching others live their best life will keep the mind and heart trapped in a repetitive cycle that steals joy.

How can you break free from this? It starts with shifting your perspective. First, remind yourself that discipline pays off. The more you are in routine the more you build perseverance. Next, acknowledge the areas in your life you feel the most gratitude. Third, plan a trip or experience of something you have never done before. I have listed a few ideas below to get you started 🙂

An ideal mind is the devil’s playground. The feeling of boredom can plant seeds that allow the enemy to play on your emotions. The enemy will remind you of all the things you haven’t done or how you need to settle for less. The guilt, shame or regret may surface when the mind is an ideal state. It is important to stay alert, be grateful and Thank God in all circumstances. This too shall pass! You are created to live life in abundance! Don’t be overcome with boredom, instead find joy in the little things. There is beauty all around us but the key is perspective.


  1. Start a new book
  2. Try out a new local restuarant
  3. Join.a Facebook group
  4. Have a sip and paint night at home or at an event near you
  5. Create a bucket list
  6. Begin a new hobby like scrapbooking or play a sport
  7. Attend a retreat
  8. Create a new playlist
  9. Write a positive affirmations list
  10. Film a Youtube challenge or prank video
  11. Connect with a friend
  12. Have a garage sale
  13. Reorganize your closet or redecorate your room
  14. Start a business
  15. Listen to a podcast/sermon
  16. Take a walk at a nature trail or visit a garden
  17. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  18. Attend a sports event
  19. Check out a show or performance using EventBright
  20. Overcome a fear
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Email with a suggestion and check back to see if your idea made it to the list! We will make sure to give you a shoutout on our website 🙂

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