mustard seed Learning Faith: Pt. 1 How To Start Faith

Learning Faith: Pt. 1 How To Start Faith

It starts with a Mustard Seed. 

Today will launch the ‘Learning Faith’ series on SmileWithFaith’s YouTube Channel. This 3 part series begins with How To Start Faith, before I became a believer, this was the biggest hurdle I had to overcome. How could I believe in something I did not see? How could I believe in God without physically seeing him? The idea of faith, used to be a fairytale to me. Something people created in their minds to bring hope and help them with life stresses. It seemed ‘to good to be true.’ Depending on a higher power for peace, love, prosperity? That is just for the hollywood movies, right? . . . wrong.

Now, as a Believer, I am grateful that The Lord took me through the journey of learning faith. The faith I currently have is a true testament to the power of The Holy Spirit. My faith was not forced upon me by family, religious leaders or peer pressure. It was something I chose to seek, pray and take a leap of faith trusting in the existence of The Most High. The truth is it’s much easier to live with faith than it is to go against it, I know from personal experience.

When I was an atheist, I spent most of my time debating God’s existence, arguing The Word and confronting those who had faith. It wasn’t until I was at the bottom, lowest of lows in my life, with no where to turn or no one to turn too, that I decided to learn faith. I wanted to stop living hopeless and start seeing life through the lens of faith, which I seen others living through. People who had faith seemed to have more peace, joy and wholeness in their lives, qualities that I longed to have in my life. I needed peace. I needed protection. I needed to pay my bills and survive! But, could I truly depend on God to do all these things for me?

In order to grow your faith and continue building your relationship with The Lord, you must first HAVE faith. But, how do you get faith if it’s something you can’t see? What helped me in the beginning stages of my faith was visualizing faith as the wind. When the breeze blows you do not see it but you can feel it. You get goosebumps when it’s cold, see leaves scatter across the ground and trees sway side to side. The wind is invisible yet we know it exists. This is the same concept for faith. It may not be seen in the physical but it is felt in the mind, heart and soul.

Faith has the power to move mountains. It has the power to change your life for the better. When faith enters your life, God uses it to renew your mind and give you a new heart. This renewed life with faith brings the blessings of God. By faith you are able to walk without fear, doubt or worry. By faith you are able to overcome struggle in life and focus on opportunity. By faith you live with confident hope and reassurance that your prayers have been heard and God will answer (He always does!). By faith you are made right with The Lord and have the ability to establish a personal relationship with Him through prayer. No religion, No fairytale, No logic, No pressure . . Pure Faith!

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