Knowledge Vs. Wisdom

“Knowledge is knowing tomatoes are a fruit, but wisdom is knowing not to put tomatoes in your fruit salad” -Rev Run 

Knowledge:: acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles as from study or investigation

Humans acquire knowledge through research and study. We learn from our teachers, parents or spouses. Everyday is a learning experience. Information and life experiences are calculated in data and theories thus giving Humans Knowledge. The problem with knowledge is that it will never grow beyond human capabilities and understanding. One difference of Knowledge and wisdom is time. Knowledge is limited by 24 hrs in a day, until our dying day. However, Wisdom is infinite.Knowledge vs wisdom

 The truth is that human truth is no truth at all. God’s truth is the only truth to trust. We can’t even trust ourselves, for we are forever sinners. 

If we live our lives seeking knowledge than we are limiting ourselves to opportunities and connections. Why settle for less? and close doors to your future. When you live God’s way, He gives you unimaginable blessings.

Wisdom:: the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgement as to action, sagacity, discernment or insight

Humans acquire wisdom through God. That is the only way. For if someone claims to be wise, and does not love others, live by His commands or accept Christ as Lord, they have mere Knowledge. God only reveals His wisdom to those that have faith. They believe without seeing, and walk by faith. We learn wisdom from our pastors, fellow believers and the life of Jesus Christ. There are forces in this world that can only be deciphered if we have wisdom. People that chose not to believe in God and all His glory, lack wisdom.

We obtain wisdom by seeking, praying and asking God for it. We must ask God daily for His wisdom because only He knows everything about everything. If we live our lives seeking wisdom than God will gladly give in abundance. Wisdom is beyond this world. Wisdom is supernatural. 

We have to be aware of the difference between the two so we can live our lives accordingly. Before I knew God, I lived with knowledge. I didn’t believe in heaven or hell, and had no 2understanding of the world that I lived in. But, once my faith grew and God gave me wisdom, I had clarity in my life and surroundings. I understood that their was good and evil && I had an assignment to fulfill.  I was aware that this world is in a spiritual war and the devil is trying to capture as many souls as he can, before judgment day comes.

The more I prayed for wisdom, the more God revealed His truth.

Are you seeking knowledge or wisdom? What have you learned about the two? How has your life changed since uncovering God’s truth? How would you encourage others to seek wisdom?  (Submit your answer to with Knowledge Vs. Wisdom in the subject line) 

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