lock Keep Your Mind Locked

Keep Your Mind Locked

The Spirit is a mindset. The flesh is a mindset. You can either think prosperity or think poverty. You can move mountains or live stagnant. You can live by the Word of God or suffer under Satan’s words. You can meditate on God’s word or replay old thoughts, bad habits and images of this world in your mind. If you allow these thoughts to go unchecked, you open the door for depression, perversion, hurt, pain or childhood trauma to enter into your life. You must check these thoughts before they manifest! Stop giving giving Satan time by sitting in misery or thinking of doubts. Start spending time in the Word of God, becoming prepared and equipped to battle Satan’s schemes.

Don’t allow Satan to manipulate you. He studies you. He knows what you like, what makes you weak and what keeps you from accomplishing your mission. But, you have the advantage in Christ! God has already given you the power and authority over Satan. Stop complaining and start praying. Put on your armor of Christ and take up your sword to fight back against Satan’s lies and deceit. Start living with advantage!

Satan is an accuser. He wants to plant a seed in you that will keep you from knowing God. He is fighting against you, everyday 24/7, even when your asleep. The flesh is a belief system. It leans unto it’s own understanding and operates according to the world system. The flesh is brainwashed to suffer because the mind is set up to operate in the natural. You must train your thoughts, words and actions to align with the word and truth of God. Every solider goes through training before they go to battle, and you must be properly trained in the word of God before you can win the battle over Satan and his evil team. 

Get your mind locked on the word of God and things above. You can either bear fruits of this world or bear the fruits of God’s kingdom. Chose Blessings not curses. Chose life not death. Choose freedom not slavery. Chose overflow not emptiness.

Open your mouth and start speaking the word of God over your life. Lock your mind on the power God has given you through Christ. Jesus is the word of God. Our eternal salvation was signed, sealed and delivered through God’s Son. We are the generation that is blessed to be covered by the blood of Christ, it’s time we start acknowledging and giving glory to God for this blessing!

Who’s running your mind and controlling your body? Are you developed in The Spirit or the flesh? Train yourself to live with the power and authority God has given you on this earth. Tap into the Kingdom of God and speak life into your life. Put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared [Ephesians 6:15].

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