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Check out the song of the week 🙂

Put my head down to the ground, no, this ain’t as big as it gets
Holdin’ my horses, I had to sit down, I was trippin’ and takin’ a risk
Just ’cause the time runnin’ down on the clock, no, that don’t mean that you gotta blitz
Just chill and be patient, keep workin’ on you and you’ll see that thing comin’ in
[Verse 1]
Aye, but most of ’em quit
Before they see fruits of the labor
Not me, ’cause I put too much work in the switch
Had to write that thing down on some paper
Ain’t no turnin’ back, my daw g, this is it
I ball, Mariano Rivera, I’m good where I’m at, I’ve been workin’ my pitch
Bein’ the answer to prayers, some people is better than findin’ at findin’ a niche
I need me somebody with so many layers, a lot of these women be
Baby, what’s your purpose?
I want to give you the world
But you got to show me you’re worth it
I do not care how you twerkin’
I wanna see how you worship, uh
And how do you act when we open the door, we leavin’ the churches
It’s crazy how everything workin’
How could You take all my burdens?
Lord, I know that I ain’t perfect
But when I go back to my dawgs
They see a whole different person
No, I don’t care what they sayin’
No, I don’t care if they chirpin’
That’s for the birds
On me like Usher, I won’t let it burn
People around me, I had to discern
Everyone act like they love you, they takin’ they turns
Respect is what you gotta earn
Enemy lyin’, get sprayed like a germ
He had to resign, we cuttin’ his term
And G-O-D went set me straight like a perm
Now I ride wit’ the Shepherd, I ride wit’ the herd
(I really don’t care what you think)

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