pexels photo 2377166 THE 7-Day NEW YEARS RESET! The Ultimate Detox and cleanse your soul needs!

THE 7-Day NEW YEARS RESET! The Ultimate Detox and cleanse your soul needs!

Are you ready for a reset in life? Whether financially, emotionally, spiritually or mentally, the time is now. This is not your typical New Years resolutions rather this is a spiritual detox created to restore passion, bring healing and build confidence. The Unplugged challenge is created to grow in self-awareness, build self-esteem and remove distractions to help better focus on your mission. This detox is not your regular degular (in my Cardi B. voice*) detox you may be expecting as it consists of 7 different categories. This social media fast is intended to remove outside influences to disconnect from ‘The World’ and focus on The One and Only True Living God. It can be difficult to hear The Voice of God, when you are filled with the voices of people. This detox from social media can feel “impossible” but I encourage you to persevere because it will be worth it in the end.

Success is uncomfortable. The illusion of our comfort zone feels peaceful but the problem is comfort will never lead to success. We will never grow in our comfort zones because in order to grow, faith is required. There is no need for faith in the comfort zone. Fear of the unknown is disbelief in God’s ability.

Today, I hope you can put your mental health and self-care first, prioritizing your needs and allowing God’s work to be done through your obedience. The Unplugged Challenge, will help restore a sense of purpose, understanding and excitement for the next chapter.


For 7 Days you will not participate in the following:

  1. Social media: I recommend deactivating social media accounts rather than deleting the app. It acts an accountability partner to ensure one night of loneliness won’t result in an endless night of scrolling. You can deactivate an account 1x per week and this will not delete or lose any data.
  2. Junk Food/Fried Food/Unhealthy Eating: I recommend planning ahead and thinking of meal preps that will incorporate 1 protein, 1 veggie and at least 1/2 galloon water per day. When grocery shopping, start in the produce aisle. DON’T even bother walking through the freezer section. Avoid processed foods because of its harmful ingredients. The foods we eat affect our guts which is connected to other parts of the body.
  3. No Secular Music: Now, you may be feeling “ohh nahh” at this point but stay with me. Trust the process and know IT IS WORTH in the end. Without music, we are forced to fill the time with noise and this can be uncomfortable. That is the goal. This detox will challenge us to step out of our comfort zones. Replace the habit of music playing with orchestral or live instrumentals sounds. Listen to sermons on YouTube or Ted Talks. Check out newest podcast or replay an episode of your favorite show. Hit record on your phone and make up your own raps or freestyles. The bible app plays verses and plans aloud. An audio book, Talk show like Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday would be a good idea. The focus is less worldly concepts and more intentional thoughts. This will also be a great time to meditate and listen to daily devotionals or positive affirmations.
  4. No Negative self-talk, victim mindset: Be aware of those “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” thoughts as these will lead to sabotaging behaviors.
  5. Obedience is daily: Find one thing you can commit to every single day. This is your opportunity to start planting seeds into the goals you have set. Want to be a best selling author? write 2 pages everyday. Working on becoming the next NBA star, practice 30 minutes on the courts everyday. Dreams won’t work unless you do. Faith without works is dead. Stay consistent, be disciplined and embrace these moments of obedience.
  6. Positive habits: As the New Year approaches, it is time to leave our bad habits in 2022. I know it is easier said than done but you can do this! Rather than thinking of “I need to stop smoking” or “I need to start working out”, replace negative habits with positive habits. Whenever you have an urge to grab a cigarette, make a cup of hot tea. Whenever you commit to working out, don’t think twice, put on your gym clothes and go. Focus on the positive behaviors and how your life will be after this challenge. The mind can get stuck in a place of “I don’t want to let it go” or “I know I won’t be able to give it up” and that is okay. This challenge is meant to be taken one day at a time. When you fall (because we all do…), get back up and remember your positive habits.
  7. Write, Read and Reflect: There is a good and bad news to this one lol Which one do you want first? Good News is for the month of January 2023, SmileWithFaith will have new posts EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am challenging my self to commit to creating more blog posts/content for this website. SmileWithFaith was created to unite believers around the world by sharing faith, growing in The Word and living a healthier lifestyle. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for topics you’d like to read on this blog please submit inquires to Okay, ready for the Bad News? You will have to write/read and reflect daily. Now, if you thought “hmm.. that doesn’t sound so bad” you are on the right track! However, not everyone will believe in their abilities to write or read and this is what makes it ‘bad news’. If you are one of those people, I encourage you to keep in mind this daily practice will help rewire the brain, build self-esteem and allow you to reach new levels of self actualization.

If you are able to complete each category, you will be transformed by the end of the challenge. We are resetting the mind, body and soul which will allow us to feel more connected, have clearer visions and walk in purpose daily. Now, it is time to say GOOD BYE 2022 and HELLO 2023! This will be the best year of my life 🙂

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