This year is like no other. I feel myself stepping into a new mindset. I’ve been spending time with The Lord daily. He shows me things and I show Him praise. There are many things that run through my mind in a matter of seconds. This can be overwhelming but His peace guides me through it all. I am given the gift of a sound mind and free will to choose my thoughts. My collective thoughts are a reflection of my life. My worldview was formed by my sacrifices, lessons, rejections, traumas and hardships. My perception if based off of my life experiences including environment, culture, media influence and spiritual beliefs.

Timing is key. God’s time is the right time all the time. I’ve realized my biggest losses where the moments I rushed, grew impatient or put myself in tough situations following the desires of my flesh. Instead of being still, trusting in The Lord, I would take things into my own hands. Looking back on these times reminds me of time itself. The concept of time is an illusion. The construct of time was created to help civilization live with structure, organization and working hours.

Society lives with a 24 hours per day scale to help keep things in check. I will never be checked by society, only God can check me. The moments I feel I need to take things into my own hands are the moments I need God. I am in this world, not of this world and Earth is not my permeant home. There is no peace on Earth because of ignorance, unrepented hearts, greed, envy and evil. Time moves with my life, I don’t move with it. Time chases me, I never chase it. I remind myself to relax and enjoy life rather than focusing on a clock or feel worried about deadlines. In time, all things will work out in my favor. When everything around me is falling apart, I know His hand is over my life. The world tells you to work 40 hours per week, vacation 10 days per year and receive $0.25 annual raises. This is mundane and repetitive lifestyle is a Matrix mindset. I refuse to live in The Matrix.

Movies have a way of predicting the future. Society has become desensitized to violence, war and trauma. Abnormal is the new normal. Everyone has a definition of what ‘normal’ means. The definition of normal implies a collective agreement of opinions decided by the majority. Today, I challenge you to learn what’s ‘normal’ to The Lord. We must live according to His instructions for the sake of our souls. Do not look to the world to guide you. I encourage you to Live a Life pleasing to The Lord.

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