pexels photo 8383447 I DESIRE HOLY! God's Plan Vs. Human Plans

I DESIRE HOLY! God’s Plan Vs. Human Plans

What can living Holy do for you? It can change your life for the greater good. A life of holiness is filled with the fruits of The Spirit.

Peace. Love. Joy. Patience. Kindness. Generosity. Faithfulness. Self Control.

These fruits are the essential elements to life and without them, the pursuit of happiness will be endless. It is impossible to feel whole, healed and content without these fruits. To live Holy is to live with purpose. A Holy Life is how God intended His creation to exist. We are created to be dependent on God. If there is no desire to live Holy, your thoughts and feelings will mislead you from the path God created for you.

A Holy life allows discernment to lead, awareness to intuition and discipline to walk in obedience.

From birth, we are set up for failure. We are sin by nature and the sin within us keeps us in bondage by distorting our natural desires. The world is filled with evil and pain that warps perceptions to keep them distracted, unmotivated, depressed and ultimately a soul that will never get a chance to receive salvation.

In order to live righteously, you must WANT to surrender your ways. “I am tired of living mundane just to exist, go to work and die.” Repeat this 2x. This may seem harsh but it is the reality. From birth, we are born with an expiration date. The flesh within us keeps us operating in unrighteousness but we must remind ourselves, we are not of this world. We are created with a Spirit of self control and our souls desire closeness to The Only and Only True Living God.

I thank you for this day. I desire to live Holy and walk in righteousness. Thank-you for comforting me when I fall and reminding me how Loved I am by you. Thank-you for creating me for connection and never leaving nor forsaking me. I know that all things will work out in my favor and you have protected me from harm. You clothed me with Grace and bless me with Mercy. I desire to live the life you created me for, please help me to stay in alignment with your perfect Will.
In the Name of Jesus,

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