balloon I Choose To Be Happy

I Choose To Be Happy

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” -Psalm37:4

Happiness does not come from relationships, work or even a hobby or interest. Happiness does not come from money, fame or materialistic things. Happiness can not be bought, happiness can only be achieved. It is a choice. Focus on the good and think positive in all circumstances or complain and live hopelessly. Happiness takes initiative. If you are not seeking happiness, it will not find you. No one answers the door, unless someone knocks. It’s time you start knocking on Happiness’s door. Life is too short to live unhappy, especially when you are divinely created to live a life filled with love, hope and joy.

Happiness is a whole with many parts. Some key components to happiness is a peace of mind, stability, love and contentment. We feel happy when our world has minimal stress, problems and confusion. The only way for us to truly be happy in this world is to receive Joy from God’s world. It is important that we understand, happiness can only come from The Good Lord.

When we focus on God instead of our problems, problems begin to fade away. Putting your faith in God does not mean all your problems will go away tomorrow, it means God will give you the strength, patience and wisdom to get through it so that eventually you can experience the joy of The Lord.

Pray with me, 

Today, I chose to be happy. Lord, please guide me throughout my day and help me to see the good in all things. I know that I can not do it without you. I need direction and guidance from The Holy Spirit. Please give me the strength to overcome today’s obstacles and give me the patience to wait with confident hope. Thank-you Lord for your Son Jesus Christ who freed from a life of misery to give me a life of hope. I chose to have faith and trust in your plans for my life and not lean on my own understanding. Help me to stay focused on your Heavenly Kingdom and fix my mind on things above. I pray that you work in my heart and cover me in understanding. Please have mercy on my soul and keep your angels protecting me. Shower me in abundance with your grace, mercy and love. May this day bring glory to your kingdom. In jesus name I pray, Amen.


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