tough How To Find Answers For Difficult Decisions

How To Find Answers For Difficult Decisions

As a student in grad school, one of the biggest decisions I had to face was determining the placement of my practicum site. Practicum is similar to an internship but requires less hours. This site will give first-hand experience in my career field and help with acquiring necessary skills related to the real world. After weeks of emails and interviews, my choice for a practicum site was narrowed down to two places. I found myself confused and unsure of which site to commit and secure. Anxiety kept me up at night, my mind was filled with worries and the pressure began to become too heavy to carry.

Eventually, I decided to stop stressing and start praying. The moment I started praying, the tension melted away and I was reminded who was in control. God is in control. He controls opportunities, blessings and the entire universe. The beauty of God being in control is that He works for the greater good for those who love him. During prayer, I realized I did not have to make this decision on my own, I could simply ask God which practicum site is best because I trust that God knows what’s best for me. After my prayer, I felt peace. I decided to sleep it off and make a final decision in the morning.

The next day, before I knew which decision I would make, my phone rang. It was one of the practicum site’s calling to secure my position. This was the sign I needed and I knew this was God! Instead of trying to figure out what I needed to do, I should of just let God do what He wanted to do.

Believers, you do not have to make difficult life decisions on your own. Where should you go to school? Where should you move? Is it time to end a relationship? Are you ready to quit your job? Whatever choices that enter your life, you do not have to go through it alone for your heavenly father is with you. Do not be like me and stress, worry or fear the unknown, instead pray and ask God for clarity, guidance, wisdom and understanding. Pray for The Lord to reveal what is best for you and put it in your heart to follow His will as it is in heaven. Life can be scary and things can feel overwhelming, but God is your helper, provider and counselor. He is with you to help overcome obstacles, make decisions and lead you to the right path.

The next time you feel confused, overwhelmed, fearful, stressed or alone . . . Pray with Faith, Believe with your whole heart and pay attention to the signs. 

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