Day 1


 When I first decided to do a ’12 week no social media challenge’, It was because of comparing thoughts. These thoughts made me feel I was not good enough and that there was always someone more deserving, prettier or smarter than me. Scrolling down my timeline, subconsciously I compared my life to others. Pictures of perfect bodies and people traveling the world, made me feel I wasn’t doing anything with my life. The problem with comparing thoughts is that it fails to acknowledge God’s will. We can’t wish to be in anyone’s shoes because God designed a perfect pair for us already. We may not be wearing the shoes at the moment, but it doesn’t mean we never will.

You will never reach your fullest potential if you are too busy watching others achieve theres.

Good Bye Self Defeating Thoughts! Plan

God sees Comparing thoughts as a sign of ungratefulness and disconnect. We must be content with our situation and trust that The Lord will satisfy our every need and desire. Be strong as the child of God you are and do not become consumed with worldly desires. Every moment, struggle and experience in life has purpose.

Counter Thought: Accept people as unique individualsWe were born into this world with a unique path. Thoughts that compare ourselves to others, lacks faith. If we have 100% faith in God, we will be satisfied with our current situation no matter what. So, Push those comparing thoughts aside and SmileWithFaith! When we experience this self-defeating thought, remember this did not come from God! The devil likes to kick us when we’re down. He will whisper comparing thoughts into our ear to cause depression, if you let him. The only thing that can defeat Satan is God’s word. The more you read His word, the more prepared you are to fight against Satan’s evil tricks. Trust in your destiny.


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