Faith and Endurance

When troubles come your way, embrace life. We must learn to express gratitude even during the worse of times. When we are at our lowest, God is at His highest. He has never stopped loving us. He has never stopped working in our lives. Every obstacle, struggle or problem is all a test of Faith. God can snap His fingers and you could have anything your heart desires, but that’s not how this life works. We must labor for 6 days and rest on the 7th. Even those with a silver spoon in life, still have problems. We must earn our blessings. God loves a disciplined heart. It’s not about perfection; It’s about effort.

God knows the heart. We can try and lie to a family member, co-worker or spouse and maybe even get away with it. But, we will never fool the Lord. For if one thinks they have fooled the Lord, they themselves are foolish.

The Lord loves a humble heart. We must ask for humility, patience and wisdom in life, in order to receive these blessings into our lives. If a construction worker doesn’t have the necessary tools to build, how can the house be built? We must have the necessary tools to succeed. Our downfalls shape our destiny. Struggles build character. We will never be successful following the desires of the flesh. In order for success to birth, we must know what our assignment on earth is. Are we called to be a teacher? artist? scientist? Only God holds the answer and knows our destiny, because only God know the future. If you seek to disbelieve and dispute, your heart will remain cold. It takes Faith the size of a mustard seed, for God to work in your life. The Lord is not a secretive God. As big as He is, why would He want to be a secret? He wants to give you everything your heart desires. He wants to shower you with Love, Grace and Mercy.

If the other person on the end of the phone doesn’t answer, it is just a one sided conversation. Both persons must believe that the other has picked up the phone before conversing. Same with prayer. We must pray with faith in our heart, in order for God to pick up the phone.

 Closed mouths don’t get fed. 

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