cross Even In All Your Wrongs You Are Made Right!

Even In All Your Wrongs You Are Made Right!

Yesterday, I watched a sermon from Pastor Michael Todd at Transformation Church (watch video below). This message was extremely powerful and exactly what I needed to hear. For the past couple of weeks, I have been hard on myself feeling guilty because ‘I need to do more’. I have not been to church in the past two months. I have not made a post or study plan in the past five months. I have not tithed or spent much time in prayer. I was focused so much on my last semester of school, finals and papers, that I neglected all other areas in my life.

My mind constantly reminds me of all the things ‘I need to do’ and although my heart has good intentions, my body never gets around to doing anything I set out to do. This is where guilt sets in. I feel guilty about not attending church or doing what I feel ‘I should be doing’. After watching this sermon I realized, subconsciously I believed that my works or ‘good deeds’ determined if I was a good person. It’s as if I believed God would bless me more depending on how often I went to church. I created this image in my mind of what God expected me to do and then condemned myself when I couldn’t live up to my own expectations.

“I am made righteous by my position not by my performance.” There are no amount of good deeds that can get me into heaven rather it is my belief in Jesus that allows me access into God’s kingdom. It is not my actions that determine if I am doing good, for no one is good and no one is perfect (Romans 3:9-19) but by the grace of God, those who accept Jesus are made right.

No matter how many times you do wrong, God has already paid your debt. He does not look to you waiting for you to do an act of kindness but through His kindness sent the ultimate sacrifice into the world to cover the sins of mankind. The enemy will send thoughts and doubt into your mind making you feel guilty or telling you that you are not good enough. But, if God says it is good, how can anyone say it is not? (Genesis 1:31).

Thank You Jesus! Even in all my wrongs, I am made right with God! I am no longer a slave to sin but have freedom in Christ. When God sees me, he sees Jesus! There is nothing that I could do that would make God love me anymore or less. I am loved. I am saved. I have been giving the greatest gift of eternal salvation!

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