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Do You Have A Rich or Poor Mindset?

What is the difference between a rich person and a poor person?
It’s not the amount of money in their bank accounts or their ability to make money. It’s not their network or assets. It is not even their family inheritance or environment.
The difference is their mindset.
A rich person will look at something and say ‘What can I do to afford this?” && a poor person will look at something and simply say “I can’t afford this”
Whatever you condition your mind to believe is what you will receive.
If you say “I can’t afford to go on a vacation” or “I can’t start a business because I don’t have enough money”, you are already limiting yourself. If you already said it, that becomes your reality. If you don’t want it to manifest in your life, don’t speak it out of your mouth.
You have the power to speak and declare what you want to manifest within your life.
Start by speaking life and opportunity over your life. God will never give you a vision, you are incapable of fulfilling. Your vision may seem so big and out of reach because God wants you to depend on him for it to come to pass.
How can God work in your life if you can fulfill your visions without needing him?
Everything you are going through now is preparing for you for your next chapter in life. You are currently going through something because of what you prayed for long ago. Life is a process. God is trying to break off the limitations you have set in your mind.
Lean not on your own understanding and keep a rich mindset.

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