Clock in. Clock out. Repeat 5x per week for 1 decade and multiply by 3 = The Life of an average citizen.

Some people work their entire lives and never live to enjoy it. They work hard everyday and save as much money as they can throughout their lifetime. They are eager to earn for their 401k and enjoy retirement. What should have been just a season of life turned into an endless loop of mundane living. These repetitive habits lead to faith-less living as it keeps people trapped in a comfort zone. Some never aspire to break free from this entrapment as they can only envision stability within their own limitations causing them to never have to step out on faith.

This generational curses of a worldly worker’s mindset is unnatural to humanity. God created us for dependence on Him and we must trust in Him to provide. The talents God has given us could be the key source to breaking generational patterns. Yet, our fear of failure, anxiety for the unknown or disbelief, keep us stagnant. We become complacent in our current reality and convince ourselves this is stability. When we live mundane and settle in our comfort zones, we lack faith.

There will only be one life to live and you deserve to live in God’s will. Pray for The Holy Spirit to reveal His purpose for your Life and Give you the discipline, drive and faith to follow through.

Faith Fam,

I encourage you to break free from the norm. Life is about stepping out of your comfort zone and relying on Faith to guide you through. The desires and dreams you hope to achieve are God sent. If you have a dream that is big enough for you to accomplish on your own, it didn’t come from God.

If you aspire to be a doctor, you will need to complete med school. If you aspire to own hospitals and generate generational wealth, you will need God. Any vision that is within your capabilities is not Heaven Sent. The Lord will ensure the vision He sends will need Him. Let this blog post be a message to you. Start believing in your dreams again. God is sending messages to you and you can no longer continue ignoring or procrastinating. Your only chance is now.

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