Dear Diary,

I went to church this morning, and I’m glad I did. Below, are the notes that I took from today’s service. This message really helped and inspired me, I hope it helps you too.  [James 1:2]

  • Anger is selfish.
  • When we get angry we don’t use our best judgment.
  • Anger influences our attitude toward others.
  • When we become angry, seek clarity.
  • Repentant = Showing Repentance
  • Repentance = deep sorrow, feeling bad for something you did.
  • SIN = DEATH to the things of this world.
  • I am not controlled by sin. For God has not given me a spirit of fear and timidity, but of Power, Love and Self-Control
  • Jesus is called ‘Savior’ because He ‘saved’ us from our sins. If it wasn’t for him, people would still be sacrificing animals to be forgiven.
  • Jesus broke the ‘power of death’ (4th seal) and gave us the key to eternal life for our souls. My body is a temple or dwelling for my Spirit to rest. -2 Timothy 1:10
  • God has chosen me to be a preacher, an apostle, and a teacher of this Good News. -2 Timothy 1:11
  • Jesus is called the ‘Ultimate lamb’ as an analogy to him being the greatest sacrifice to mankind.  Since, he walked the earth sinless and lived His life for the Lord, when we was nailed to a cross, He was lifting us from our burdens. Jesus is Hope. He is the only way to Our Father who lives in Heaven.

Confront in Love instead of lashing out. Having faith tells you what to do, and love tells you how. We can be agents of change to others [Romans 6:10]

Dead to Sin and Alive to God 

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