Unconditional Love

Day Two

This type of Love is powerful because it will Love under any and every circumstances, it is never changing. The way a child loves there favorite toy, or a man loves his sports, there is nothing that can come between this love.

In order to give or receive unconditional love one must be filled with love. You can not offer a guest in your home something to drink, if your fridge is empty. You must have drinks in your fridge in order to offer a drink to someone.

Unconditional Love is hard work. It takes patience, consistency and compassion. We may feel like we have unconditional love for others, however when hardships arise the love may disappear. With unconditional love, the love never goes away and remains constant.

Today’s challenge is to love unconditionally! Do not let tension, or frustration alter your feelings toward someone, allow your heart to fall into unconditional love when faced in difficult moments. We must remember to speak with care, listen with love and act in kindness.

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