God’s Love

Day Three

This is the greatest of all Love’s and a love that humans will never understand on their own. This Love forgives always, sacrifices constantly and rewards often. God is crazy about you! He loves you more than you could possibly imagine. He loves you so much that he has sacrificed his one and only son. God’s love will never change, his love is infinite and without shame. There is nothing and no one that could ever get in the way of God’s love for his children.

This love is meant for all of humanity but not everyone will accept it. Because of a lack of faith, some try to seek this love  elsewhere and become quickly disappointed. Some try and disprove the existence of this love, simply because they have not experienced it. This love can not be duplicated and nothing will ever come close to how amazing this love feels. This is the love of all loves, top of the love chain.

Today’s challenge is to be thankful at all times. Sometimes the bad seems to overshadow the good and we can only focus on what is going wrong. But not today! There are so many things to be thankful for, no matter how bad things may seem. Keep your mind focused on everything going well. Be grateful, thoughtful and thankful.

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