Distance Love

Day Four

This Love occurs when we love from a far. Distance separates this love for the greater good. We may Skype, text, or talk over the phone, but this love will never be in the same room. Loving from a far takes a great deal of trust, and consideration. We continue to love even when out of sight. Just because this love is separated, does not mean this love has to stop.

Sometimes we get caught up with our personal lives we may forget to contact our friends or family. We find ourselves becoming distant without realizing and than feel too much time has gone by and now it is too late to reach out.

Sometimes we spend more energy in a relationship that is one sided and causes conflict more than passion. We find ourselves torn between staying in the cycle of this negative experience or loving from a far. It is okay to admit when you may love someone for who they are, but do not need to be where they are.

If the relationship is parent/child, family/inmate or husband/wife we must never forget the bond that was formed before distance entered the picture.

Today’s challenge is to express distance love. If there is someone you have not spoken to due to moving or just growing apart, reach out! Let that person know that you are here, and you care. After all, you do not know what someone is going through and you calling just might make there day! Do not let time go by without expressing this love, because time is of the essence.

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