Day Five

Day 5 And ALIVE ! 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and hold it for 3 seconds. Now, Take a moment to look around and see what your reality is. Pay attention to trees blowing in the wind, the lady walking her dog or the crowd of strangers getting off of a train. Whatever your scenery is, pay attention to the details. Acknowledge that you are alive and well and be aware of this moment. Todays, challenge is to appreciate life. We sometimes forget that despite our current situation, at least we are well and ALIVE! 

Create a mantra for the day. A mantra is a quote, or inspirational message we repeat throughout the day to remind of us something hopeful. Examples would be “I am a wonderful person inside and out” or “I am happy to be Alive and will make the best of today”. Discipline is needed in this challenge. Repeat this mantra hourly. If you miss one hour, than simply repeat it double the next hour. You are ALIVE and have so much to be grateful for!

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