Romance Love

Day 5

Romance Love is the Valentines of all loves. This love expresses pure romance, passion and attraction. Whether you are dating, married or have a crush this is the love being expressed. This love is the love we are created to show those we are in a relationship how we feel. When God created Adam, he than created Eve so they can love one another and multiple.

Although this love can be fresh and exciting, it can also be dangerous and harmful. This love can go from cute and adorable to crazy and dysfunctional if done to the extreme. If this love is not mutual, it will steal our focus and turn us into someone we should never want to become. We begin competing for affection, fighting for love and devaluing ourselves. 

There are different types of Romance Loves we can express and can be found on I suggest taking the test on the website to discover what your self and spouse love languages are. This is a great way to build the relationship and understand what love means and how to express it to the individual.

Today’s challenge is to do something nice for your loved one. Sometimes we can get caught up with work, school or daily life routines that we forget to show our love. Whether you give your spouse a massage, leave love notes around the house or go to dinner and a movie, this challenge is all about reminding your loved one how much you care. If you are single, than treat yourself! Take some time out of the day to do something you enjoy doing! After all, we can not love someone else until we love ourselves.

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