Today is a day of celebration! You succeeded till the end, and have gained new understanding like never before. This is only the beginning of your life journey and the road to happiness awaits. Today we will give praise to those that have made an impact in our life and helped us along the way. Whether you want to thank your friend for helping you or honor your parents for raising you, today is the day to say thanks! Extend grace and gratitude to someone today: It’s as simple as saying “Thank-You.”

The challenge for today is to think of someone who is important in your life, and write them a letter. Let them know how they have helped you in life, and the reason you value their relationship. It does not have to a be a long essay, maybe even a few sentences, what ever is on your heart write it down. Once you are finished with your letter, hand or mail it to the person you wrote about. Kind words will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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